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Are you tired of grimacing each and every time you get out of a chair, get up from the floor, or move in any direction? You can relieve your body of physical pain and discomfort with swedish massage techniques and other therapies in New Ulm, Minnesota.  Using swedish massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, fascia massage and therapy for clients with cancer.  My treatments are sure to make you feel better physically and mentally.  Contact me today for more details on the massage therapies I offer for all of my clients.

Repetitive Use Injury Therapy As Taught by Michael Young

I work on one area at a time to reduce pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis (a condition that causes foot pain,) thoracic outlet syndrome and lower back pain.  With this massage therapy, I'll stretch your muscles instead of having to dig deep into them to get relief.  I also use this massage therapy to release stress in your neck casued by whiplash

my massage sessions.

Thank you for your past business.Nancy  3-17-2020, migraines, and relieve sciatica pain.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Stay warm and flexible in the cold wintertime with hot stone massage therapy.  With hot stones placed on different areas of you back, you'll be able to completely relax tight muscles. Hot stones are held in my hands to relieve the tension in your muscles as they glide over you body.

Fascia Release

Fascia is the "web of life." Fascia is the contective tissue between your skin and muscles and muscle groups are encased in fascia.  Plantra fasciitis is when the fascia on the bottom of your feet gets tight and it hurts when you first get up in the morning or after having sat for awhile.  We have fascia planes from the tip of our toes to the top of our heads and anywhere between it can be tight and cause pain.

Pregnancy Massage Therapy.

The joy of being pregnant can sometimes be overshadowed by the daily discomfort a mother can go through with her changing body shape.  With pregnancy massage therapy session, you can relax and be pampered while stress is released from your back and abdomen.

Cancer Massage Therapy

Renew you body and spirit with a gentle massage therapy intended for all cancer patients.  You no longer have to endure overpowering pain caused by cancer with this comforting and relaxing massage therapy.

Sports Massage

Don't go into the big game with tense muscles.  Loosen up your muscles before a sporting event with a sports massage.  You can also use a sports massage after an event to help heal your body. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, this therapy can work for you.  Fitness trainers have recommended getting an hour and a half massage each week if you work out 5 days out of the week.

Call now in New Ulm Minnesota, at 507-359-3462 for superior sports massage and other therapies that rid you body of daily pain and discomfort.


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